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We have vinyl windows that will fit your budget and life style, no matter what you are looking for.   We will listen to your needs and provide solutions to your problem.


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We can do a variety of siding from vinyl, box steel, seamless steel, composite, wood,  LP, cement board to Nova Brick systems.

For us it is not about trying to make you think our product is better.  We will be happy to put on the product

 you will like as long as the quality meets certain standards.  The best siding installed wrong will not protect your house

or look good over time.  That is why you should choose us.  We have the experience and knowledge to do the job right and give you the longest life at the highest beauty possible.  How do we do this?


Knowledge is Key to the proper installation of siding!

Proper flashing techniques is required.  The installer must know the difference between a water excepting system

and a water repelling system.  Most products on the market today are water excepting systems. Water must be directed away from key areas and weak points.  Once water is under the siding system it must be allowed to dry through proper weep holes and ventilation.


Of course none of this matters if the material under the siding is not protected from water that might get under the siding.  As long as you are going to be putting a protective barrier on the wall, you should add some R-value and maybe a radiant heat barrier.  This is where real knowledge is important.  If you do not add the proper values to your wall, you could end up trapping moisture and causing a rot and mold problem. 


We would be happy to go over this in detail with you and what you should watch out for on your house.  Just give us a call we will come to your house and inspect your current product and problems then answer your questions.  The information is free and there is no obligation.  Remember we are handyman that know allot about proper building techniques.  We are not the large home improvement company sending out the slick salesman to pressure you into buying.  We will give the information and what we can d to help you without the pressure and over inflated prices of the big companies.

We now off seamless steel siding as an option for people that want the best of the best.
Steel siding offers the following benefits:
Durablity - long life span (only thing longer is brick)
No ugly seams - (bugs and creators have a hard time getting behind)
Fire resistant - Helps protect your family
Stands up to hail beter - might reduce your home owners policy
No maintenance
Colors last longer than other materials
Green material - Can be recycled and reused
Energy effecient - Reduce air infiltration
Dosen't crack or break in the cold, or deform in the heat
Do you have storm damage or just need your siding repaired?  We can help you out. 
Even if you don't know what kind or color your siding is.  If we can't find it, will will find something close or we can do just sections of the house to make it look beter.
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